Journey With A Journey

Alamgir Ahmed Shumon

Humans are born to survive and rule the world. But life is very short and no one can live forever. As a result they need to spread their generation and its going on over the century and century. Anyhow, humans observe that they have feelings, emotions and physical demand. They beloved with religious views and got their solution to stay some one with a tied binding called wedding. Now wedding is a culture, way of life for human.

In the world of photography is a lot of categories but I think for me wedding concept of different culture is my area of major interest specially Asian culture and in these field A Journey photography and media production house give me a chance to work with them and enrich my experiences. They promised me to train technical site of photography like lighting and flexibility. More or less, I already worked 35 hours out of 70 hours of my work placement.


A Journey  Media production house is basically settled because of their tremendous and fantastic wedding photography all over the UK. The company is ground in the central east London and operating the world of photography one major field wedding photography.The company’s view is the perfection and passion the glory when you see the picture every time with different imagination. It is noting but a digital film production house where wedding photographers come learn how to finish smoothly whatever it is.

My journey began with A Journey with some dramatical approach moreover, I like share my own feeling to you very frankly. I am very passionate about digital wedding photography from my early age. lets back to my topic, in my work placement with A Journey, the company judge me how capable I am with their professional freelancers like how focused I am and how do I response with enormous situation. It was all about my personal professional career development.


At first, I start my journey as a volunteer, where I am allowed to get some induction and training like what will be my responsibility and how I would handle certain situation. I got some primary precaution train during my first couple days with them. More or less, these all are mandatory fields. Then I was turned to focus my area of interest wedding photography. I was quite lucky I got the chance to work very close with A Journey chief photographers like Sumon Ahmed as I know the lightings techniques of how it works but I got some techniques of how could I get whole control of the specific timing and situation. Moreover, I previously i was just a photography student had some basic guidelines with certain forecasting but working with these kind of professionals I develop my not only correspondent skills but also got some self confident ideas to be calm and quite during photo shoot and handling hazardous conditions. Over-ally, come to close with A Journey I became a professional wedding photographer day by day which is my biggest achievement.

As I mentioned before that during the first week of my placement I got my induction and plenty of training also got my job description. Actually job description is very important for any kind of service. In job description I got lots of focusing
point of wedding photography like pre wedding photo shoot, wedding photo shoot, reception and post wedding photo shoot, vediography and documentary photography. Main point of the job description is photo capturing techniques and responsibilities of good quality photo with live theme. All of the photographers know it that their films and photographs express different present situations with culture, cast and tradition. However, I learned a lot from A Journey and the professionals but I already got some training since I started my journey with photography.


Here I like to share one of my golden memory which I collect with A Journey. Im my fourth week of placement, I saw that the company got received four occasion a day because of their well known wedding photographers but fact was that they had only three professional photographers and had to manage the situation. Otherwise, it will be bad impact over the company’s pride and glory. So they (Sumon Ahmed) decided to sent me one of the wedding as a main photographer which was my first experience as a professional photographer. I was excited and trilled because it was my first wedding task but I was succeed to manage myself and applied all of principles while taking photographs. Finally I was appreciated with my fellow co workers and managers for my golden accurate photographs and brilliant task.

Obviously, placement always shows the path of future and gradually develop skills. In my journey I learned thousands of things every steps but the main one is customer focus skill which is very important business. World of photography is unthinkable with out customers so we have the skill to focus customer. A question arise here that how do you convince customer. there is no doubt that people have vast choices but as a wedding photographer I always try to convince them my previous work. I will tell the clients to have visit to our websites where they can have all photographs of different occasions indoor and outdoor, film documentary, comments of other photographers and the clients as well as our professional photographers blogs. If they have time please a pay visit to my workplace and studio which will inspired and enrich their personal thought according to framework. Exactly, the same thing I did with my first work with film asia where I was the host and had to maintain clients with different prospectives according to their demand.

During my placement with A Journey I got some positive feedback like team working, customer prospective, media life and the different free lancer qualities. It is very important when we are working in a team or group. All the team member needs to be enthusiastic, hard working, honest and responsible. A Journey always help me to teach how to be a responsible team member and in case how could I operate the team like a team leader because in our profession everyone is team member also a leader. Customer choice is always variable whatever we need to convince them in a beautiful manner that have to accept our offer. In my short placement, I adopt the customer convincing quality and responsible team member quality which are the best feedback ever I expect. Actually, I never thought that I was a trainee there always It was seems to me that I am a responsible professional.

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