My Experience

Alamgir Ahmed Shumon

Photography plays an important role in the creative industry. Journalist and other free lancer plays a vital role in their own field and collect information for country and society where they try to focus life style, creativity, social, political situations and current affairs. However, free lancers are always active to save the society but none of these are fulfil without photography.

Still image and picture are the best way to describe the situation. Sometimes mass people only interpret the current situation with the images because of illiteracy. More or less, images and pictures are very significant element for the creative industry. If we focus our social and personal life it will be clear that most of the people try to capture their memorable moment which they can recollect from their past life. As a result, they do not want to miss any of their beautiful moment like marriage, birthday and anniversary.


Fashion and wedding photography wide spread the way of life style, tradition and culture. Different religious and cultural people living different places of the world so it is not possible to go everywhere and share cast, culture and emotion but help of wedding photography and bless of internet browsing you can get everything twinkle of an eye.

Science demonstrates a lot of way to develop human life and culture and photography is one of them where images and pictures describe one’s emotion, sorrows, fortune and decisions. The role of photography is huge I just explain some of these from our day to day life.

Placement is something which focuses to develop your personal and professional career. To be honest with position I will suggest to everyone should go placement or internship during their courses. In my 12 weeks of placement I got the chance to overlap lots of profession elements, equipments and managerial process. In terms of managerial skill, I got the chance to show my creativity and leadership skill with my fellows.


A Journey is the place where I got mixed emotions which was interesting to me because it is the ways of photographer’s life. Photographers should be bit different than the others. As I mentioned, one of the Asian wedding event was fully covered by me and my group where I was not the best but situation turns me to conduct the event. First I was discussed with my fellows that we are working in a team and everyone is equal here and shares the ideas. During the wedding we covered and co-ordinated each other with mutual understanding.

Our target was to capture each and every moment of wedding. Conducting the whole wedding was my responsibility which had a precious affect over my placement career and academic career. I always tried to cover my responsibilities like briefing the fellow artists, collaborate ideas, collect information and more or less tried to present a good wedding ceremony. As it was my first time, I was bit nervous in operating the system but my co workers and team covered me very well which was really a good sign and everyone was quite happy with my decisions like formatting team, co- ordination information, sharing ideas and focus on responsibilities. Finally, we got a good result for our team work and praised by all.

Working in a team is a tremendous felling for me. Team spirit, enthusiasm and motivation drive everyone to their desire goal. It also helps us to be social and cultural. Team working helps to focus personal errors and bindings which collapse self confidence and creativity. Team meetings are always helpful for exchanging ideals, personal values, co operation and negotiation.

During my placement in the A Journey I used to be taken part several team meetings where team leader Mr. Emran Ali always tried to motivate cheers team members so that he could carry out the best work from the team. A Journey set targets for the professionals where they can show their own ability to meet the challenge. Company encourage the workers with awards and incentives. Last couple of year’s company gave us some talented professionals in wedding photography sectors. It all happens because of their open relationship ideas with colleagues, polling skills and contribution attitudes.


Formation a business is really very difficult now a day when it will be in the photography sector is more challenging and thrilling because creative filed like photography is always remain changing where modernism is too much needed. Whatever, there is nothing without competitation we have to have cherish able attitude to overcome situations. In the world of photography specially in the wedding field where I blessed to work, learned lots of professional techniques how to focus customers, wedding, pre-wedding and post wedding photography, different level of wedding based on different culture, lighting always play a vital role in photography where naturalness comes to us. Competitive or reasonable price is one more important factor which influences the customers.


There is a word called ‘unique’ which is the most important to develop a career in photography. Creativity and research skill will devote to uniqueness where photographs will represent its own creators emotions and expressions. Anyone can develop his/her career in photography but they have to have technical and professional skills like photo shoot techniques, speed, shutter, lighting and also team leading, co operation, sharing information and targets. However, it is not as easy as I said. I spent plenty of time to learn and adopt professionalism attitude where is no chance of error. That means if you make a mistake you will lose you time and work which you will never get back it is all about money. Requirement is always high for photography but I think creativity, research, practice, wide outlook are some major points for photography and at present, thousands of scope for photographers to develop career and its getting specious day by day.

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