Food for Thought

I have had the opportunity to look closely at the lifestyles led by many working class Bangladeshi men in today’s western society. I understand that this is no longer the profession chosen by many Bangladeshi men as with younger generations comes a new desire to spread into other fields and with the advantages to western education it has allowed many of them to branch out into different fields.

I have concentrated on the catering industry as many Bangladeshi men began in this field when they originally migrated here. The majority of Indian restaurants in England are still owned and run by Bangladeshi men even today and it is in the working environments here I wanted to investigate through my photography. I have looked at Bangladeshi men in particular as traditionally and culturally it is women who run the household environment while the men provide the income. Some of these men merely use it as a tool to gain experience working in the catering sector before moving on.

Although this has also changed with generations and time, with more and more women working, the culture surrounding the restaurant workers has not changed. Many of these men are either unmarried or earning to provide a better life for their families back in Bangladesh.